Screwdriver set Deli Tools EDL620004, with magnet, 4 pieces


Screwdriver set Deli Tools EDL620004, with magnet, 4 pieces

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Deli Tools EDL620004 precision screwdriver set

Deli Tools EDL620006 set includes 4 different precision screwdrivers such as SL5x100mm, SL6x150mm, PH1x100mm and PH2x150mm. All of them are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel and have non-slip handles made of durable plastic. They are ideal for any home, workshop or workshop. They will also meet the expectations of both amateurs and professionals.

In the interest of quality

The tools included in the set were made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel. As a result, they are distinguished by exceptional strength, hardness, as well as resistance to damage and wear. What’s more, the handles of the screwdrivers were made of high-quality PP plastic, which translates into their increased durability. The EDL620004 set is an excellent investment for years!

Convenience of use

Deli Tools screwdrivers are not only robust and functional, but also extremely comfortable to use. The non-slip handles lie well in the hands and guarantee a firm grip, while the magnetic tips make work easier and reduce the risk of losing small screws. There are also small holes in the handles of the tools, so you can conveniently hang them in the desired place in the workshop.

In the box

  • SL5x100mm slotted screwdriver
  • SL6x150mm slotted screwdriver
  • PH1x100mm Phillips screwdriver
  • PH2x150mm Phillips screwdriver
Brand Deli Tools
Model EDL620004
Types of screwdrivers SL5x100mm, SL6x150mm, PH1x100mm, PH2x150mm
Material PP + Cr-V steel
Color Black and yellow

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