Smooth Writing Baseus Stylus (Active+Passive) (white)


Smooth Writing Baseus Stylus (Active+Passive) (white)

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Baseus Stylus active + passive stylus

If you are looking for a reliable stylus for drawing or writing on your iPad, the Baseus Stylus model will be an excellent choice. It is an ideal option for students, artists or creative workers. It guarantees exceptional fluidity, and thanks to palm-rejection technology, it allows you to rest your wrist freely on the screen. The device also allows you to adjust the thickness of your lines – just change its tilt. What’s more, the stylus is distinguished by a working time of up to 10 hours and has an additional passive pen cap.

Line thickness adjustment

Now you can easily adjust the thickness of your lines by changing the tilt of the stylus. The 90° angle allows for an extremely thin line – an ideal option when you want the utmost precision. It will be perfect for drawing fine details. The 60° angle will be suitable for writing – it provides a slightly thicker line. For coloring large areas, on the other hand, choose the 45° angle, which offers the thickest line.

Passive pen cap

Make it easier to use your chosen devices. The Baseus Stylus comes with an additional passive pen cap that will work perfectly on most capacitive touchscreens. This also makes the product ideal for a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. Now you can even more conveniently browse social media, organize photos or highlight information of interest in documents!

More convenience

With its new integrated design, the stylus conducts signals better and provides incredibly smooth, lag-free operation. The device is also distinguished by high sensitivity, so you can enjoy unparalleled precision and create even the most detailed designs. The product is ideal for both writing and drawing. It also allows you to conveniently take a screenshot – just swipe from left to right at the bottom of the display.

Long working time

The stylus is equipped with a long-lasting battery and stands out for its low power consumption, so that a fully charged one can work continuously for up to 10 hours. In standby mode, the device lasts up to 12 months! Its convenient charging is made possible by the included USB-C cable. What’s more, the stylus will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. The product also has 3 built-in LED indicators that will provide you with information about the battery charge level.

Wide compatibility

The Baseus Stylus is also distinguished by its wide compatibility with various iPad models. For example, it will work perfectly with selected versions of the iPad 6, iPad mini 5, iPad 3, iPad Pro, iPad Pro 3, iPad 7, iPad Pro 4, iPad 8 and iPad Air 4. The device also has a built-in magnet that allows you to conveniently attach it to your tablet. This will make it easy to store your stylus and avoid losing it!

Rest your wrist on the screen

Get more comfort while working and don’t worry about accidentally messing up your drawing. The Baseus Stylus supports palm-rejection technology, which means you can comfortably rest your hand on the screen – just like on a regular piece of paper. As a result, writing and drawing will become much easier and more precise. No more wrist pain! Note: the palm-rejection function is only available when using the active tip. The passive overlay does not support this technology.

Designed for your comfort

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the stylus provides the comfort of your dreams. The device is extremely lightweight and fits fantastically in the hand – it will be perfect even during prolonged work. What’s more, the use of high-quality materials makes the product very durable, yet pleasant to the touch. In addition, the stylus tip can be easily replaced. When it wears out, just install a new one – no need to buy another device! In the set you will find 2 active tips.

In the box

  • Stylus
  • Spare tip
  • Charging cable (USB-C)
Brand Baseus
Name Smooth Writing Stylus with LED Indicators (Active + Passive Version)
Model SXBC040002
Color White
Material Aluminum alloy, POM plastic
Battery capacity 130mAh
Charging interface USB-C
Operating time Approx. 10h
Standby time Approx. 12 months
Automatic shutdown After 5 minutes of inactivity
Weight Approx. 15.45g
Dimensions 9.1×165.2mm

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