Sonična četkica za zube Seago SG-551 (white)


Sonic toothbrush Seago SG-551 (white)

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Seago SG-551 Sonic Toothbrush

Seago SG-551 is a powerful sonic toothbrush that generates vibrations at a frequency of up to 40,000 beats per minute and lets you choose from 4 modes. It stands out for its long battery life and IPX7 water resistance. It also offers a smart 2-minute timer. The soft DuPont bristles are safe for enamel and allow for effective cleaning. You’ll also find 2 extra spare tips in the kit. With Seago you will easily get rid of dirt and delight everyone with a beautiful smile!

Effective cleaning

The sonic toothbrush SG-551 will clean your teeth much more thoroughly than a regular toothbrush. The device generates vibrations at a frequency of up to 40,000 beats per minute and easily cleans even hard-to-reach areas. The soft, rounded DuPont bristles do not damage enamel and are also suitable for users with sensitive teeth. All this makes the Seago SG-551 toothbrush perfect for dealing with dirt and food debris.

Intelligent timer

With the Seago SG-551 you don’t even have to keep track of the time you brush your teeth. The device takes care of it for you! The toothbrush is equipped with a smart timer, so it takes a brief pause in vibrating every 30 seconds to remind you to change the area you’re brushing, and it automatically stops after 2 minutes. So you can rest assured that you’re brushing your teeth for exactly the right length of time!

4 modes

The toothbrush has 4 brushing modes to suit your needs. For everyday use Clean is perfect, as it gives you a thorough cleaning. It’s also suitable for users with sensitive teeth. White allows for an even more effective cleaning and Polish offers a polishing effect. Massage provides varying vibration frequency and gentle gum massage.

Additional features

Enjoy the freedom and comfort of use. The SG-551 is IPX7 waterproof, so you can use it in the bathroom or shower without worry. What’s more, it feels great in your hand and is easy to use. It’s lightweight and portable enough to go anywhere with you. Just pack it in your bag or suitcase and take it with you on vacation! It will not be too much of a burden.

Long working time

The Seago SG-551 toothbrush will surprise you with its long working time. It is equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery and can be used for up to 3 weeks on a full charge. You can conveniently charge it with the included USB cable. Simply connect the brush to the charger or powerbank! The built-in light indicator gives you information about the charging status.

In the box

  • Sonic toothbrush
  • Brush tips x3 (one tip is already mounted on the toothbrush)
  • Protective cap
  • Charging cable (USB)
Brand Seago
Model SG-551
Color White
Vibration frequency Up to 40 000 strokes per minute
Bristles DuPont nylon
Single bristle diameter 0.152mm
Working time Up to 3 weeks
Input voltage 5V
Input power 0.5W
Charging time About 8h
Battery type Lithium
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Water resistance IPX7
Brush dimensions 19.6×20.4×211.5mm
Modes of operation White, Clean, Polish, Massage

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