Sonična četkica za zube Seago XFU SG-2102 (rose gold)


Sonic toothbrush Seago XFU SG-2102 (rose gold)

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SEAGO XFU SG-2102 sonic toothbrush (rose gold)

Take care of a healthy smile with the Seago XFU SG-2102. The sonic toothbrush generates 24,000 vibrations per minute and works for up to 120 days on a single charge. It offers 2 modes of operation, so you can customize its performance to suit your needs. A special timer will make it easy to control the brushing time, and thanks to its compact design, the product won’t take up much space. In addition, you will find a spare tip and a cover in the set.

For healthy and white teeth

The sonic toothbrush works at a frequency of 24,000 vibrations per minute, effectively removing debris. What’s more, the Dupont bristles reach hard-to-reach places, so you can be sure that your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. In addition, there are tabs on the back of the tip with which you clean your tongue. Delight in a snow-white smile with the Seago XFU SG-2102.

Built-in timer

You no longer need to control the time while brushing – the XFU SG-2102 will do it for you. The Seago sonic toothbrush is equipped with a smart timer that will remind you every 30 seconds to change the area you are brushing, and after 2 min it will automatically turn off.

Compact design

Take the toothbrush with you on the go. The Seago XFU SG-2102 features a lightweight and compact design, so transporting and storing it won’t be a problem for you. You will successfully fit it in a cosmetic bag. In addition, in the set you will find a special cover, which you will use during travel or attach to the wall / mirror as a holder.


The Seago sonic toothbrush is powered by a AAA battery, which translates to about 120 days of use. It is made of ABS and TPE plastics, while the handle was created from aluminum. In addition, it is IPX7 water resistant, so you can use it without worrying about damage.

2 modes of operation

The Seago XFU SG-2102 offers 2 modes of operation, so you’ll be able to customize its performance. Clean mode will clean your teeth thoroughly, while Massage will give your gums a gentle massage. To activate the corresponding mode, press the power button.


  • sonic toothbrush
  • spare tip
  • cover
Manufacturer Seago
Model XFU SG-2102
Color pink-gold
Frequency 24000 rpm
Material ABS, TPE, aluminum
Power supply AAA battery
Working time approx. 120 days (if you use the toothbrush 2 times a day for 2 min)
Weight 40 g
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 194.5 mm
Water resistance IPX7

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