Stainless steel trowel Deli Tools EDL509311 280×130


Stainless steel trowel Deli Tools EDL509311 280×130

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Deli Tools EDL509311 plastering trowel

The Deli Tools EDL509311 trowel is perfect for smoothing walls and ceilings, and will also prove useful for other plastering and masonry work. It’s made of high-grade steel, making it extremely durable and wear-resistant. In addition, the ergonomic handle fits well in the hand and guarantees unparalleled comfort in use.

High quality

If you care about the highest quality tools used in everyday work, the Deli Tools brand trowel will be the right choice. The product is made of durable carbon steel, which stands out for its impressive resistance to damage and wear. It will serve you excellently for many years. This is the perfect tool for smoothing walls and more!

Bet on convenience

The EDL509311 plastering trowel allows not only efficient and effective, but also comfortable work. It has been equipped with a comfortable handle, which was created from durable PP and TPR plastics, so it lies well in the hand and does not slip. The ergonomic design of the tool means that you don’t have to worry about fatigue or discomfort.

Brand Deli Tools
Model EDL509311
Material PP + TPR + carbon steel 50#
Dimensions 280x130mm
Color Silver

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