Tripod and Bluetooth Remote with Ring Light Cygnett V-Pro (black)


Tripod and Bluetooth Remote with Ring Light Cygnett V-Pro (black)

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Tripod / Phone stand with LED light Cygnett V-Pro (black)

Do you often do live broadcasts? Or do you record vlogs with your phone? If yes, Cygnett has an offer especially for you! The adjustable tripod with phone holder features a 10-inch LED ring light. It supports up to 3 lighting modes, allows you to adjust the brightness level, and stably holds your smartphone. With a USB port, you can easily power it up. A Bluetooth remote control is included, which allows you to start recording and take photos from a distance.


Thoughtful design

The Cygnett tripod has a handle that rotates 360°, allowing you to position your smartphone comfortably. Worried about whether it will be suitable for your phone? The V-Pro model is compatible with devices up to 3.6 inches wide. In addition, you can easily adjust the height of the tripod from 39 cm to 160 cm. Now you can easily achieve the angle of your dreams while recording!


Create professional content

The V-Pro is equipped with as many as 120 LEDs, which guarantees soft, directional lighting that’s perfect for taking selfies, applying makeup, video calls and more. The device offers up to 3 lighting modes, such as warm white, neutral white and cool white. It also allows you to adjust the color temperature from 3000K to 6500K and 10-step brightness adjustment up to 492 lm. This makes it easy to set the right lighting level and realize your every creative invention.


Remote control included

A wireless Bluetooth remote control is included that syncs directly with your smartphone, allowing you to take photos and start recording without touching your phone’s screen. Experience how convenient it is!



  • Tripod / Phone stand with LED light
  • Bluetooth remote control
Manufacturer Cygnett
Model CY3442VCSLR
Lighting 120 LEDs
Lamp type 10-inch ring light
Tripod adjustment From 39 cm to 160 cm
Color temperature modes Warm white, Neutral white, Cool white
Color temperature adjustment 3000K-6000K
Maximum brightness 492 LM
Voltage 5 V
Power 14 W
Power supply USB
Compatibility Phones up to 3.6″ wide
Dimensions 380 x 260 x 35 mm
Weight 850 g
Color black

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