Vibrant Facial Cleaning Brush Liberex Egg (White)


Vibrant Facial Cleaning Brush Liberex Egg (White)

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Liberex Egg Vibrant Facial Cleaning Brush (White)

The Liberex Facial Cleansing Brush will allow you to take care of the appearance of your complexion in a simple and pleasant way. Sonic vibrations at a frequency of 350/s ensure deep cleansing, and 3 available speeds allow you to adjust the action of the device to your needs. The set includes 3 interchangeable brushes for different skin types. Additional advantages of the Liberex Egg are IPX6 water resistance, smart timers and long working time.

Discover the power of sonic technology

A sonic toothbrush is more effective and skin-friendly than a regular brush. It enables gentle yet thorough cleansing. It deeply penetrates the pores and effectively eliminates dirt, dead cells, makeup residue and even blackheads. With this small device you will take care of your skin and restore its former shine.

3 speeds – diverse applications

The device offers 3 speeds that will work well for different applications. The 6500/minute speed is suitable for deep cleansing and the 5000/minute speed for exfoliating the skin. Want a relaxing massage? Choose a speed of 3800/min. With a Liberex brand brush, you can take care of your skin comprehensively.

Choose the right brush for your skin

This set includes 3 interchangeable tips, making it easy to customize the Liberex Egg to your skin’s requirements. The silicone brush works well in any case and allows you to gently massage and exfoliate your skin. The brush with soft bristles with a diameter of 0.05mm is suitable for sensitive skin, while the fast-drying brush, which bristles have a diameter of 0.075mm allows you to thoroughly cleanse your pores.

Use it for up to a month on a single charge

The toothbrush features a long-lasting battery that charges in just 1.5 hours. After one charge, using the device for 2 minutes a day, you can enjoy reliable performance for up to 30-45 days! The brush charges wirelessly using the included base.

Supervises cleaning time for you

Intelligent timers make it even easier for you to use the toothbrush. Every 20 seconds the device will gently beep to remind you to change the area you’re caring for. What’s more, it will automatically switch off after 60 seconds – long enough to thoroughly clean your skin. No need to worry about accidentally leaving the brush on and leading to premature battery discharge!

Perfectly thought-out design

The toothbrush is small and weighs only 139g. So you can use it not only at home, but also outside. You can easily pack it into a suitcase or even a handbag and use it on vacations or during a business trip. The ergonomic design makes the Liberex Egg extremely comfortable to use. The device is also IPX6 water resistant – so you can freely use it in the bathroom without fear of accidental splashing.


  • Soft care brush head x1
  • Deep pore-cleansing brush head x1
  • Silicone brush head x1
  • Wireless charging dock x1
  • USB cable x1
Brand Liberex
Name Egg Vibrant Facial Cleansing Brush
Color White
Dimensions 8×6.2×6.2cm
Weight 139g
Power 2.5W
Frequency 350/s
Automatic shutdown After 60 seconds
Charging USB cable
Charging time About 1.5h
Operation time Up to 1.5h
Water resistance IPX6 (charging base must remain dry)

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