Wall charger 3x USB Vention FEAB0-EU, 2.4A, 12W (black)


Wall charger 3x USB Vention FEAB0-EU, 2.4A, 12W (black)

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Vention FEAB0-EU 3x USB mains charger, 2.4A, 12W (black)

Do you use a lot of devices? Are you looking for a proven accessory that will allow you to charge them simultaneously and safely? The Vention mains charger will be perfect for you! It is equipped with up to 3 ports, so you can power several devices at the same time. What’s more, it demonstrates wide compatibility with various brands of phones and tablets, so it will work well no matter which devices you use.


Fast charging

Forget about the long wait until your devices are ready for use again. The Vention mains charger supports Apple’s 5V/2.4A protocol, and what’s more, it also demonstrates fast and safe charging – just 2 hours is enough to get your iPhone XS Max back to full power. In addition, it is equipped with 3 ports, so you can power several devices at the same time! With Vention you will save time and space!


Comfortable to use

The Vention mains charger has been created with comfort in mind, so it shows great compatibility. It will work with various brands of phones and tablets such as Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and many more! Thus, no matter what devices you use on a daily basis, the mains charger will work perfectly. What’s more, it stands out for its compact size – you can easily fit it in your backpack or handbag and always have it at hand.


Guaranteed safety

The Vention charger is not only a useful device, but also a guarantee of safety. It has been awarded numerous certificates, confirming that it is completely safe to use. It offers protection against overcharging, overvoltage, short-circuits and over-powering. What’s more, it has been made from the highest quality material, which shows resistance to fire and high temperatures. You can feel safe with Vention!


Manufacturer Vention
Model FEAB0-EU
Colour Black
Output current 5 V = 2.4 A
3 output ports 5 V = 3.4 A max.
Protocol Apple 2.4A/BC 1.2
Material PC
Dimensions 51.1 × 43.4 × 25.7 mm

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