Wall Charger Choetech PD5006 2x USB-C, 40W (white)


Wall Charger Choetech PD5006 2x USB-C, 40W (white)

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Choetech PD5006 2x USB C, 40W power charger (white)

You don’t have to wait indefinitely for your devices to be ready for use again! Choetech PD5006 charger offers 2 USB-C ports and its total power reaches 40W. It supports fast charging protocols and automatically recognizes the connected equipment to adjust the power supply accordingly. It is compatible with most USB-C powered equipment, and since it features a wide input voltage range (100-240V) and a small size, it will be the perfect companion for any trip!

Safety is the key

Choetech PD5006 mains charger automatically recognizes the connected equipment, so it can adjust the power supply to it. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your batteries. What’s more, Choetech PD5006 is equipped with a number of electrical safety features that protect your devices from short-circuiting, overloading, or overheating.

Wide compatibility

With the help of Choetech PD5006 charger you will successfully charge batteries in small and larger electronics. The product will work well with most equipment powered by a USB-C cable. What’s more, its input voltage range is 100-240V, so you can plug it into outlets with different standards without worry.


Brand Choetech
Model Q5006-EU
Output USB-C1: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 2.5A, 20V / 2A (40W)
Output USB-C2: 5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 2.5A, 20V / 2A (40W) ; USB-C1+USB-C2: 35W + 5W or 20W + 20W or 25W + 15W
PPS 3.3-11V / 3A, 3.3-21V / 2A

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