Wall charger Choetech PD5007 30W (white)


Wall charger Choetech PD5007 30W (white)

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Choetech PD5007 30W mains charger  (white)

You can save time and space with Choetech PD5007 mains charger. The product is distinguished by its power level of 30 watts and supports fast charging protocols. This means that you can charge your devices 3 times faster than with traditional chargers. The PD5007 is extremely small and handy, so you can easily take it wherever you need it. It works with Android and iOS systems.


Safe and fast charging

The charger supports fast charging protocols and allows you to charge with up to 30 watts of power. It recognizes connected devices and automatically adjusts the power supply to them, which means it is suitable for laptops as well as phones and smaller devices. The high charging power dramatically reduces the charging time, so batteries do not overheat and their life is significantly extended.


Big capabilities – small size

Despite its huge capabilities, the PD5007 is surprisingly small. Compared to Apple’s traditional PD 30W charger, its size has been reduced by 60%. This means you can fit it even in your pocket. Take the Choetech PD5007 with you and enjoy instant device charging no matter where you are! The device features a USB-C port.



Manufacturer Choetech
Model PD5007
Total power 30W
Compatibility Universal
Interface USB-C
Dimensions 31 x 31 x 31 mm

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