Wall charger LDNIO A303Q, USB-C, QC 3.0, 18W (white)


Wall charger LDNIO A303Q, USB-C, QC 3.0, 18W (white)

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LDNIO A303Q wall charger

The LDNIO A303Q charger is equipped with a USB port and supports QC3.0 18W fast charging. It is extremely lightweight and handy, and with 100-240V compatibility, you can also use it abroad. The product also ensures safe use and is protected against overheating.

Enjoy fast charging capabilities

Forget about the long wait until your equipment is fully operational again. The A303Q charger supports the QC3.0 fast charging standard and provides output power of up to 18W. In addition, thanks to Turbo Power Engine technology, the product intelligently detects the connected device and adjusts its operation according to its requirements.

Lightweight and portable

Want to take your charger to work, on vacation or to your dorm? A303Q is the perfect model for you! The device is incredibly light and compact – it won’t take up much space in your bag or backpack. It will also work well abroad – it is compatible with 100-240V.

Safe use

A special cooling system with aluminum and copper elements guarantees efficient heat dissipation. As a result, the charger will not overheat, and you will avoid burns. The device has also been protected against short circuit and overvoltage, among other things. Don’t be afraid of damaging it!

Model A303Q
Color White
Input AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output 3.6V / 3A, 6V-9V / 2A, 9V-12V / 1.5A
Output power 18W

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