Wall charger Romoss AC20T USB + USB-C 20W (white)


Wall charger Romoss AC20T USB + USB-C 20W (white)

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Romoss AC20T, USB + USB-C, 20W wall charger (white)

Get the ability to quickly charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. The Romoss AC20T charger offers up to 20W output power supports standards such as PD, QC, FCP and AFC. Lightweight and compact – you can always have it at hand. The product is equipped with USB-A and USB-C ports, and thanks to the solutions used, it ensures safe use.

Fast charging

With Romoss you can charge the devices you need in a short time. The AC20T charger stands out with up to 20W of power and supports various fast charging standards. For example, with its help you will charge an iPhone 13 to 50% in just about 30 minutes, and an iPad Air 4 to 100% in about 3 hours. What’s more, the product is compatible with devices from well-known manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung.

Lightweight and handy

The impressive capabilities of the charger go hand in hand with its lightweight and compact design. The product weighs only about 54g, and its dimensions are 52 x 45 x 26mm. This means that you can easily take it with you wherever you need it – you can easily fit it in your bag or backpack. In addition, thanks to its compatibility with a voltage of 100-220V, you will also use the charger abroad without any obstacles. This is the perfect accessory for travelers!

Safety of use

With the built-in smart chip, the charger automatically adjusts the power to the requirements of the connected devices, and when they are charged to 80%, it switches to a holding charge. This protects the batteries from damage! What’s more, a special sensor monitors the temperature of the product, protecting it from overheating. Also noteworthy is the charger’s durable housing made of flame-retardant PC V0 plastic.

Charge 2 devices simultaneously

Don’t wait until one device is ready to use before charging another. The charger is equipped with 2 ports – USB-A and USB-C. So you can seamlessly connect 2 equipment to it at the same time. Now you can charge, for example, 2 smartphones or a tablet and wireless headphones at the same time. With Romoss you don’t have to limit yourself!

Brand Romoss
Name Power Adapter
Model AC20T
Max. output power 20W
Input 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.6A max.
Output USB-A: 5V – 3A, 9V – 2.22A;
USB-C: 12V – 1.5A;
USB-A + USB-C: 5V – 3A max.;
Dimensions 52 x 45 x 26mm
Weight Approx. 54g

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