Welding Helmet Deko Tools MZ239


Welding Helmet Deko Tools MZ239

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Deko Tools Welding Helmet MZ239

Do you DIY often? Equip yourself with an EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 safety compliant welding visor to protect your eyesight from radiation and sparks. The product is suitable for intermediate welding work using MMA, MIG, MAG, CO2, TIG, as well as plasma cutting and arc welding. The Deko Tools MZ239 has a high-quality DX-300S lens and an optical class of 1/2/1/2, moreover, it offers adjustable shade level and delay function.

Safety first

The Deko Tools MZ239 welding visor uses a number of solutions to ensure maximum safety during welding and protect the user’s eyesight. It has an automatic darkening filter, offers an adjustable darkening range from 9 to 13 DIN and a delay function. It is equipped with 2 arc sensors and complies with EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Convenience during operation

The viewing area of this model is as large as 90 x 35 mm – so the Deko Tools MZ239 visor provides good visibility, in addition to facilitating color recognition. The relatively lightweight design and adjustable headpiece mean that the product will provide you with high comfort even during many hours of welding.

Producer Deko Tools
Name Deko Tools MZ239 welding helmet
Model MZ239
Lens model DX-300S
Viewing area 90 x 35 mm
Cartridge size 110 x 90 x 9 mm
Arc sensor 2
Shade control External
Switching on / off Automatic
Sensitivity adjustment No
Optical class 1 / 2 / 1 / 2
Blackout range DIN 4, adjustable from 9 to 13
UV/IR protection 16 DIN
Dimming time 1/5000 s
Brightening time Adjustable from 0.25 – 0.45 s
Power supply Rechargeable battery + solar cells
Battery type Lithium
Low TIG current ≥ 35 amp (DC), ≥ 35 amp (AC)
Viewfinder type Automatic dimming filter
Welding methods MMA, MIG, MAG, CO2, TIG, plasma cutting, arc welding
Working temperature -5°C – 55°C
Helmet material PP
Grinding function No
Automatic dimming Yes

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