Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Delux GM902 BT+2.4G


Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard Delux GM902 BT+2.4G

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Delux GM902 Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

The Delux GM902 ergonomic keyboard was created for people who spend a lot of time at the computer. It is designed in such a way that it can provide you with maximum comfort. You can connect it to your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth or 2.4G. The keyboard has 108 keys with scissor switches and is extremely durable.

Reliable switches

Enjoy unparalleled comfort while you work at your computer. The keyboard features scissor switches that respond quickly to each press and are extremely quiet. Not only do they provide reliable performance, but you’ll enjoy the comfort you dream of!

Ergonomic design

Delux proves that computer work can be more comfortable. With its ergonomic design and a built-in support made of pleasant-to-touch synthetic leather, the GM902 keyboard takes the strain off your wrists – forget about pain and fatigue! What’s more, the keys have a pleasant tactile feel and are easy on the fingers, making work even easier.

Reliable wireless connection

The keyboard supports 2 ways of wireless connection – via Bluetooth or 2.4G. Thanks to its solutions, it provides fast, stable and reliable signal transmission. You can also pair it with up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Useful function keys

Now you can make your work even easier. The keyboard has been equipped with practical function keys, which make it even easier to use. For example, you can use them to switch between windows, mute the speakers and adjust the brightness.

Producer Delux
Model GM902
Color Black
Connection Wireless
Interface 2.4G / Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth 4.0
Number of keys 106
Key life 30 million presses
Switches Scissors
Backlighting Yes, white
Power supply Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery
Battery capacity 1100 mAh
Operating voltage 3.2-4.2V
Operating current 10mA
Operating time on a single charge 21h
Charging time approx. 2h

640.6g (with stand)

480.00g (without stand)

Dimensions 420 x 220 x 20mm
Material ABS + PU leather
Compatibility Windows 2000 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Mac OS / Android
Other 12 function keys, ability to pair 3 devices simultaneously, magnetic wrist rest

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