Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Delux MT1 DB BT+2.4G (black)


Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Delux MT1 DB BT+2.4G (black)

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Delux MT1 Wireless Vertical Mouse

Equip yourself with a functional vertical mouse that will support you in your daily computer work. The Delux MT1 offers 6 buttons and a red trackball, making it a pleasure to use. The mouse uses a powerful optical sensor and allows wireless connection to your computer in 2 modes.

Wireless connection convenience

You will connect the mouse to your computer wirelessly – using a 2.4G adapter or Bluetooth transmission. You can pair up to 3 devices at once and switch between them freely. Feel the real convenience, forgetting about tangled cables!

High functionality

The device is equipped with 6 long-lasting buttons and a comfortable-to-use trackball. Navigating the cursor with its use is extremely precise, raising the comfort of surfing the Internet to a whole new level. What’s more, the product is designed to relieve stress on the wrists and the correct positioning of the radius bone, so you’ll forget about discomfort during long computer work sessions.

Manufacturer Delux
Model MT1
Color Black
Type Vertical, optical
Sensor PAW3212
Connection Wireless
Interface Bluetooth / 2.4 G
DPI 800
Number of buttons 6
Button life Up to 10 million clicks (2 main), Up to 3 million (side)
Dimensions 128.2 x 101.3 x 47.3 mm

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