Wireless Gamepad iPega PG-SW097B NSW


Wireless Gamepad iPega PG-SW097B NSW

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iPega PG-SW097B wireless controller / GamePad

You’ve just fought a boss, you’re about to deliver the winning blow, but your pad doesn’t respond fast enough? This problem will not concern you with iPega wireless controller. The product is distinguished by a 6-axis gyroscope, thanks to which it detects even the smallest deflections of the controller with high efficiency and allows it to respond without delay. What’s more, it is equipped with a dual motor that will provide the best somatosensory experience and allow even more immersion during your favorite gameplay! The iPega PG-SW097B controller has been made with attention to every detail and is compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles, Android and is suitable for PC gaming.

Precision analog knob

Are you a slayer of demons in Doom? Or are you just one goal away from victory in FIFA? Regardless of the game you choose, you need an analog that will allow you to achieve another success! The iPega Wireless Controller is equipped with extremely sensitive knobs with a full 360° range. What this means. Even in sudden twists and turns you can forget about blind spots and enjoy perfect precision!


Now you can multiply every shot or rapidly accelerate when needed. The pad has a special Turbo button, and pressing it in combination with the function button allows you to serially execute the selected move. One click separates you from inflicting a winning series with your rifle and defeating a cloud of zombies!

Created with comfort in mind

The iPega PG-SW097B controller has been made of high-quality materials, and to increase your comfort both grips are coated with a layer of tactile TPU. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the pad fits perfectly in your hand, so you can play even all day without feeling discomfort or fatigue!

Convenient button programming

Are you left-handed? Or do you have your own opinion about the arrangement of the buttons on the pad? iPega PG-SW097B comes out to meet you and offers the possibility to program the buttons the way you like! Decide for yourself which button will be used for running and which one will allow you to jump up! In addition, you can adjust the pad’s vibration level or turn it off completely.


  • Wireless controller x 1
  • USB-C cable x 1
  • User manual x 1
Manufacturer iPega
Model PG-SW097B
Input voltage DC 5V / 500 mA
Rated voltage DC 3.7V/ ⩾35 mA
Charging current ⩽350 mA
Range 10 m
Charging time approx. 3 hrs.

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