Wireless gaming mouse Dareu EM901 RGB 2.4G 600-6000 DPI


Wireless gaming mouse Dareu EM901 RGB 2.4G 600-6000 DPI

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Dareu EM901 gaming mouse

The Dareu EM901 is an advanced gaming mouse that connects to your computer in 2 ways – wirelessly or via a USB-C cable. A long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures that the device lasts a long time on a single charge, and with DPI adjustments up to 6,000, you can easily adjust its performance to your needs. The colorful RGB backlighting gives the mouse a unique character.

Enjoy dynamic gameplay

The device is equipped with an exclusive ATG4090 sensor, which guarantees its unparalleled performance. The speed of 150 IPS and sensitivity adjustable in the range of 600-6000 DPI ensure incredible fluidity and instant response to your every move. This makes the mouse perfect for even the most dynamic gameplay and will allow you to score a number of victories.

Unique design

The manufacturer also made sure that the mouse looks really stylish. The colorful RGB backlighting is eye-catching and gives the device a unique, gaming character. If you want, you can also turn it off – just press one button.

Freedom of movement – long working time

Do you want full, unlimited freedom of movement? Connect the mouse to your computer wirelessly! Don’t worry about the battery draining too quickly – the EM901’s power consumption has been reduced to a minimum. This means that when you fully charge the device, it can work for up to 2 weeks (with the backlight off).

Wired connectivity

Want to charge your mouse without interrupting gameplay? This is also possible! Simply connect it to your computer with a USB-C cable and it will automatically go into wired transmission mode. While you enjoy an exciting game, your EM901 will charge its battery.

Manufacturer Dareu
Model EM901
Connection Wired / Wireless 2.4G
Sensor ATG4090
DPI 600-6000
Acceleration 20G
Backlighting RGB
IPS 150
ACC 10g
Number of buttons 6
Weight 105 g
Dimensions 40x124x67 mm

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